$99 hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (hTMA)

A low-cost option for individuals who are interested in knowing their lab results, but do not require clinical interpretation or medical consultation.

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A laboratory hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (hTMA) provides comprehensive information about levels and ratios of essential minerals, metabolic status, and toxic heavy-metal load. Early detection of trends toward disease can be understood by comparing your results with mineral patterns associated with those health conditions (predictive medicine). Report recommendations include corrective dietary advice to improve mineral levels and ratios.

Download hTMA Test Kit

Multipurpose Clinical Laboratory Test

Diagnostic Information
The metabolic information provided by your hTMA will show whether your diet is supplying the nutrition you need to meet your specific environmental, physiological and psychological stress and energy demands.
Health and Toxicological Screen
A baseline hTMA provides information about your current state of health and early detection of trends toward disease. In addition, it tests for the toxic heavy metals we are commonly exposed to. The data provided by hTMA represents a historical aggregate of the past three to four months, so it is a stable indicator of health and metabolic status. In comparison, a serum (blood) test is more suitable for measuring acute exposure or momentary biochemical status. A urinalysis only measures what is being excreted in the urine and does not provide a complete metabolic analysis.
Monitor and Evaluate Progress
A follow-up hTMA retest allows you to monitor and evaluate the improvements in your nutritional status over time. Retest results direct the necessary adjustments to your dietary and supplement needs, ensuring that you continue to get the most benefit. A retest also measures the amount of toxic heavy metals that are being eliminated, allowing you to verify and monitor progress to ensure the safety of your detoxification protocol.

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